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老屋 (Laowu)讨论 | 贡献2023年4月7日 (五) 13:17的版本

Every day Emini review. For the latest daily setup, see: Daily Setup 2023.

简介[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 如何操作可以参考Youtube视频:在BPA技术百科上创建Emini每日复盘图,或者B站视频
  • 请根据Al brooks图里的注解对页面进行分类,比如:SPBRT, PW, 等等。这些分类大部分我们已经创建好了,但少部分可能还没有,如果遇到不确定的,或者找不到的分类,请在Discord里提出来大家讨论一下,然后再根据情况创建新分类,或者重命名一些旧分类。

About the Expanded Al Brooks EOD Review[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Al publishes Emini daily review on his blog, but there are a few things can potentially be improved:

  1. Reasoning for an entry. Al marks good long/short entries on the EOD review, but the entries normally don't have enough explanation about the reasons behind the entry, except for the patterns or SR he added to the chart. Al says a trader "need two reasons to take a trade", it will be better if traders especially beginners can see all the reasons behind the entries.
  2. Important SR on the chart. Al's EOD review doesn't usually put important SR like LOY or HOY on the chart, but they are very important for traders to make decisions.
  3. HTF chart. Al's EOD review doesn't have HTF chart (for e.g. hourly or daily) on daily review, but they are also very important for traders to make decisions.
  4. The EOD review misses a "plain" 5 mins chart for clearer view of price action.
  5. The chart doesn't have bar number which makes it harder to discuss.

Hence, the Daily Setups on our wiki here is trying to address above limitations starting from March 2023. In an most recent example 20230308, a few new features have been added upon Al's EOD review:

  1. Added a "plain" 5 mins chart with bar number and important SR, including HOY, LOY, etc.
  2. Added HTF chart, including monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and 15 mins, which is what Al use in trading room.
  3. Added a "BBB table" with one cell for each of the 80 bars where we can enter reasons for good entries. I have been experimenting quite a few methods to annotate a chart, however they pretty much all have a common problem: texts are not searchable. If texts are not searchable, overtime, the markups get lost and become less valuable. Following annotations can be done to the chart as of now:
    • All BPA abbreviations (for e.g. BOM, PW, HHMTR, etc) can be used to annotate any bar, and they can be quickly hyperlinked to its own description page. Hover-overing mouse on the hyperlink will display the description of the abbreviations, this will be extremely handy and helpful for beginners.
    • Buttons:
      • 🟩 can be used to indicate a good long entry.
      • 🟥 can be used to indicate a good short entry.
      • 🤔 can be used to indicate questions or doubts.
      • <more will be added as necessary>
    • In addition to typing directly in the table, editors can also use the "Cite" feature to add comments to a bar if the limited space is a concern.
    • The table doesn't look as pretty as I wanted, but that is probably the best way to have multiple traders collaboratively work together on the same EOD chart review, build a well-explained version, and incorporating quality discussions into the review, to benefit every participants.
  4. All important patterns or setups of the day will be "tagged" to the page, for e.g. SPBLT, HLMTR, etc. This will make it much easier to see a list of, say SPBLT days.
  5. Al's original EOD chart will be at bottom of the table for reference.