Naming Convention


BPA技术百科在BPA缩写系统的基础上,使用类似Diablo (暗黑破坏神) 游戏中装备的词缀(suffix)命名方式对其进行进一步整理和扩展。例如,在暗黑破坏神2中,平衡珠宝匠的执政官之铠如右图所示。图中装备有两个词缀,每个词缀都有其特有的属性:

  • 平衡:10%再度快速攻击
  • 珠宝匠:4凹槽

BPA技术百科对各种架构(pattern)对应缩写的命名遵循类似原则,词缀形容词或者副词是为了修饰前面的pattern。The suffix after "-" is used to describe the pattern before the "-", for e.g:

  • by Size: -S, -L, -XL. Example:
    • BLBCL-XL. XL(extra large) BLBCH(bull bar close on its high).
  • by Shape: -WT, -WB, -DT, -DB. Example:
  • by Success or Failure: <none>, -F. Example:
    • MTR-HL. Successful MTR with a higher low (HL).
    • MTR-HL-F. Failed MTR with a higher low.
  • by Others: ATH. Example:
    • BX-ATH. BX into ATH (all time high).

For two different patterns but "connected", i.e. pattern comes one after another, here is an example:

  • SXFO TR BRT. This means there is SX from the open (SXFO), then Trading Range (TR), then Bear Trend (BRT) resumption, like 20230815.